The Vancouver Hairdressing Academy was conceived of by beauty industry leader Michael Levine, founder and director of Statik Salon,Space Salon, Caramel Salon and Tao Salon, as well as creator of innovative hair care products Statik Vancouver and Eli Manuel.
Since 1998, Michael Levine has been training new hairdressing talent in one of the best apprenticeship programs ever offered, filling all 3 of his salons only with graduates of his training. This system has consistently developing some of the best hairstylists working in Vancouver today.
Frustrated with the skill-level and how ill-prepared virtually all the applicants coming into the salons from Vancouver hairdressing schools were, Michael knew he and his team could do better, and in a shorter period of time than other hairdressing schools.
Looking for a partnership with a product company with similar ideals, Michael immediately went to the best, New York's editorial gurus Bumble and bumble. This relationship with Bb. puts our students' hands into the best products, exposes them to outstanding education, inspires their creativity and ignites a passion to achieve the highest levels of success.
This is a new kind of hairdressing school, focused on developing young talent that can thrive in any salon, in any city.
To provide our students with the most intensive professional hairdressing school training in Vancouver, focusing on the technical, behavioural and service skillsto ensure our graduates are truly prepared to enter into any professional salon environment and have a prosperous, rewarding career in hairdressing.
advanced training
please click this link to view a short video that captures a little bit of who we are and what make the vancouver hairdressing academy
the most unique and possibly the best hairdressing school in vancouver, if not canada.
a michael levine salon group currently includes space salon, caramel salon and the vancouver hairdressing academy
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the vancouver hairdressing academy has 2 locations:
get trained at the TOP hairdressing school in vancouver- 16043555519
there isn't another hairdressing school like the vancouver hair academy
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VANCOUVER CAMPUS- 2331 granville street vancouver bc canada  V6H2G4   604.681.1453
SOUTH SURREY CAMPUS- 102-15240 highway 10  surrey  bc  canada  V3S2L6  604.372.3000