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We are so proud to have helped launch so many successful careers. Hundreds of people have taken our program and are already doing great things. These are just a few of our grads.


2012 Canadian Student/ Apprentice of the Year Winner Chrissy Allan
2014 Canadian Student/ Apprentice of the Year Winner and NAHA Finalist Jaelyn Walker
Salon owner, educator and social media superstar Sarah Namrood

Salon owner and stylist Anja Milo
Salon owner and stylist Rocky Jason Lee

Salon owner and stylist Sheri Na

Editorial stylist now living and working in Los Angeles Zaheer Sukhnandan

and so, so many more...

If you're a VHA grad and would like to be included on this list we would love to put you here.

Please send an email along with your professional Instagram.

Please take some time to read some recent graduates' testimonials about their experience at the VHA.

“I feel like I’m ready to be working in a salon. I learned all the foundation I need within six months period.  There were some struggles, but I feel good about getting into the industry.” 
-Paul Jun, August 2016

“It felt like my second home. I couldn’t have gone to a better school.”
-Roya Mohammadi, August 2016


“Overall amazing!  So so so happy I chose this school.  I feel comfortable going into the hair industry and proud to say I attended VHA.  The course was absolutely amazing!  Thank you!!”
-Zaheer Sukhnandan, August 2016

“Being from Prince Rupert I feel it was an amazing experience to meet amazing new people.  I have learned a lot and I can’t wait to put all my skills to work.”
-Alana Piche, July 2016

“Overall experience was very good.  I would recommend VHA to others.  I love the fact that each group is small.  
–Panzy Sandhu, July 2016                                                                            

“Amazing!  What an experience.  I will definitely recommend as it was an incredible six months!  My life has changed forever!  Thank you!”
-Elizabeth Irving, July 2016


“I got more out of this course than I even hoped for. “
-Helen Korbely, April 2016


“Loved it!  Learned a lot in a matter of six months.  The teachers were all very helpful and it was a great atmosphere to learn and become motivated in.”
-Meghan Kainth, April 2016


“I really enjoyed my experience at VHA.  All the teachers and students are very friendly and have a positive attitude which made coming to school that much more fun.  I feel like everything we learned has prepared us for the real world.”
-Gaveena Sunner, April 2016


“I had a wonderful experience through and through.  I loved my teachers and classmates.  I felt supported and celebrated.  I would recommend this school 100% to anyone.  Thank you all.”
-Stefani Hrgovic, April 2016


“I liked the no BS attitude of VHA in the sense that there is no way to be blindsided by anything when you enter the industry.  All the instructors want to see the students succeed and the instructors being stylists helped give relevant information and advice to students.”
-Elise Grant, February 2016

“I had a great time at VHA.  Some bad days, but that is normal.  Grateful for everything VHA offered and taught me.”
-Samantha Minato, February 2016

“Great experience and teachers. Learned a lot in a short period of time.”
-Clare Goossen, January 2016

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