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Please click the contract below for details and costs related the your future session.

After determining which session you'd like to enroll in, please complete the following steps
- print a copy of the contract (links below)

- print a copy of our administrative and operational policies (here), initial each page and sign them 

- scan or photocopy your driver's license or government identification

- a cheque for $1250 written to Statik The Salon Inc

($1000 is a deposit and is applied against your total fees and is not in addition to them. $250 is  a non-refundable registration fee. This is all part of your total contract,

not in addition to.)

Either mail or bring this completed package to the location you are attending.

VHA Enrollment- 1469 West 8th Avenue Vancouver BC V6H1C9

VHA Enrollment- 101-2828 152nd Street Surrey BC V4P1G6

call 16046169179 or email for more information

Prices subject to change without notice.

If you are in need of student loans through Student Aid BC, click here

 Vancouver classes Sunday to Tuesday 10am6pm 

 Surrey classes Monday to Wednesday 10am- 6pm 

To find out more about how you can get trained at the award-winning Vancouver Hairdressing Academy
call 6046169179

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