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Before booking an appointment, please be aware that:

-All work at the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy is performed by students in a school environment, so services will generally take longer than in a fully qualified salon. 

-Please allow at least 90 minutes for your cut and at least 3 hours for your colour service. 

-Be nice. You are choosing to have your hair done by students. If you aren't nice to our students we will not do your hair.

-We reserve the right to refuse service.

-No service will be performed without first signing a waiver.

For VHA appointments, please call the campus you are wanting directly. Email requests for appointments will not be answered. 


Vancouver Campus is CLOSED for services                                             Surrey Campus- 6043723000


blow-out service- $15
includes consultation, stress-relieving scalp treatment, shampoo/conditioner, and blow out. Add a flat iron or curling iron for $3 extra. Long or thick hair- $3 extra. Straightening of curly hair may have an extra fee of $5 depending on thickness and length.


hair cutting services- $20
includes consultation, stress-relieving scalp treatment, shampoo/conditioner, haircut and blow out.

Flat ironing, setting and other add-on styling services- $3 extra    Long or thick hair- $3 extra   Straightening curly hair may have an extra fee of $5 depending on thickness and length


colour services
$30 for 70 grams of mixed colour, which covers most root applications and grey coverage if the roots are up to 1cm long
$10 for each additional 10 grams of mixed colour needed. Thicker hair, longer hair, or longer roots will result in a higher bill.
We will start all root applications with 70 grams and remix as needed.


bleach-out from $50-$80 per application: lasts permanently, maintenance 3 weeks.


hilites/lowlites/ balayge from $50-$100: multi-dimensional effects, can damage, grey blending, can look very natural or very strong, maintenance 8 - 12 weeks.

above prices do not necessarily include toners. toners range from $20- $50. Price varies due to length and thickness of hair.


up-styling services from $15- $20
For wedding parties, we are happy to take care of the bridal party but we suggest brides go to a fully qualified stylist.

To find out how you can get your hair done at the best hairdressing school in Vancouver and Surrey,
call the academy directly and ask for a service with a student. 

Please do not email about student services

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